We increase earnings, improve service levels and create satisfied customers

It is our philosophy to be closely involved with our customers and create measurable results. We focus on developing software that can meet complex requirements but still be easy to use. The key parameters are efficiency, precision, flexibility and optimisation – where everything takes place in real time through intuitive and user-friendly solutions. We have done this for more than 40 years, and we have successfully documented experience within a large number of sectors.

Our mission is to enable customers to plan the use of the right resources at the right time and for the right job, and ensure that the resources are paid correctly and in the most efficient manner.

In brief terms; we are experts in utilising available human resources more intelligently, thus helping companies to be more productive and competitive.

Therefore, our Workforce Management solution, ProMark, is the natural choice for companies seeking to monitor, adjust and improve central processes – based on user-friendly operational information which always up-to-date.

Read more about the advantages for different industries:

Building & construction

Building & construction

ProMark helps companies collect working time, supplements and other types of information directly from the construction sites, either entered by each employee or the foreman. The result is faster and more accurate data for payroll, accounting and customer invoicing as well as more efficient management of large-scale projects.

Food & beverage

Food & beverage

ProMark ensures visibility in staffing, status of work processes and an overview of how the equipment works. Furthermore, it provides an overview and links between production and logistics.
Retail & distribution

Logistics & Transportation

ProMark provides the necessary operational overview that can handle the challenges in a company that operates around the clock, is often distributed between many localities and which survives by managing changing services and constant customisations


ProMark helps you keep track of processes, so you can respond to deviations in the production plan and promptly adjust existing plans for optimal and flexible use of personnel, equipment and materials
Public & service


ProMark ensures visibility of the workforce, the status of work processes, increases availability and increases the level of service all without losing the interest of the employees