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The best way of minimising seasonal fluctuations

Seasonal fluctuations in demand and a highly competitive environment often force the food industry to react quickly. In addition, due to the steadily increasing demands placed by consumers, the service level has become a key parameter. Comply with customer’s requirements – or lose customers.

The days when strategy alone involved competing on price are long behind us. If one includes such parameters as rising fuel costs and food prices, ever narrower margins and increased competition from the internet, things are definitely not getting easier. Therefore the most important competitive parameter is the utilisation of resources.

With around-the-clock production and increasingly stringent demands placed on industry, we cannot afford to take chances. Production must run as smoothly as possible, and the very highest quality is essential. There is a need for insight and control - in real time, all the time.

ProMark – Mark Information’s Workforce Management solution – ensures the visibility of the workforce and an overview of how the equipment functions – all in real time. In addition, it establishes an overview and coherence between production and logistics. Therefore, ProMark is the obvious choice for ensuring that detailed planning and great flexibility combine into an ideal whole.

The advantages of ProMark

Working in real time Plans can be immediately adjusted for the optimum and flexible utilisation of manpower, machinery and materials – all in real time
Improves quality ProMark provides quickly useable quality data in real time which ensures one can constantly improve one’s processes and reduce wastage, noncompliances and faults. It minimises the risk of late deliveries and decreases the unnecessary consumption of resources
Is user-friendly ProMark stands out as being easy to set up and user-friendly in everyday operation, but with advance application options
Minimises administrative costs, manual processes and faults ProMark’s real time registrations and online validation ensures there are no keying in errors and reduces manual processes
Provides a detailed overview ProMark provides a sound and fact-based decision-making basis, which presents a complete overview of the production processes
Creates increased productivity ProMark provides options for analysing real-time data to enable the precise measurement of productivity and savings. Subsequently it is easy to see where productivity can be increased
Ensures wages paid are correct Registers working hours and reasons for noncompliances and consults applicable collective and other agreements so the correct wages can be paid out. It reduces time consumed on payroll processing and provides a complete overview of absence and the reasons for it
Provides better control over stock status Up-to-date and precise information about stock status and effective and less expensive logistics
Reduces waste Precise monitoring of consumption and waste and identifies problems and reduces their frequency



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