customer case study

Valmont SM

Correct data for follow-up on production hours

Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of industries, including wind energy, offshore oil and gas, transmission towers and material handling systems.

Operations are based on a dual production strategy with both series and order production. Valmont SM has two advanced and highly automated production plants located near Aabenraa harbour in the southern part of Denmark.

Valmont SM is a part of American Valmont Industries, has approx. 600 employees in Denmark and a revenue of 664 million DKK in 2017.

Valmont SM

"With ProMark, we now have a modern, automated solution for collection of employee working time. It has provided us with the desired transparency so we can constantly track use of time and status on production orders – and adjust if necessary"

Bo Bendixen
CFO, Valmont SM

Steel constructions from Valmont SM

The challenge

  • Too many manual processes related to the collection of employee working time and absence
  • Hard to figure out data
  • Not possible to track status on orders and use of time 

Project scope and success criteria

  • Complete solution covering approx. 500 hourly-paid employees and 100 salaried workers
  • All hourly-paid employees must clock in and out and register job time, whereas the salaried workers only need to register absence
  • Staff roster planning solution to manage multiple shifts
  • Roll-out in phases



  • Automated solution with smooth approval of registrations
  • Increased transparency in job data for managing capacity and progress of orders
  • Ability to push information on orders to the employees so they can follow status and use of time
  • Modern, future-proof solution 

Primary results

  • Fast and current registration of working hours
  • Reduced administrative time
  • More efficient scheduling of working time
  • Data in real-time for correct and complete follow-up on all production hours