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Smyths Toys

Streamlining of Workforce Management processes within retail

Smyths Toys is the leading toy store in Ireland, founded in 1987. With over 60 stores, Smyths Toys is present all across the UK and Ireland, providing children's entertainment products within all categories at the lowest prices.

The company is headquartered in Galway in Western Ireland, and has expanded from here to the entire Ireland and UK. The company employs about 1500 people and the workforce trebles in the run up to Christmas.

Smyths Toys

"ProMark has streamlined our time and attendance process and has contributed to a more effective wages process."

Patricia Donohue
HR Administrator, Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys

the challenge

  • Too many manual processes went into wages administration
  • Management did not have a full overview of the rate of attendance throughout the organisation, due to the many different shop locations
  • Improve the transparency and effectiveness of Time and Attendance data
  • Provide consistency in all stores with regard to Time and Attendance and wages processes

success criteria

  • Reduce resource consumption currently spent on manual processes
  • Improve control of whether legislation/rules are respected
  • Access to reporting, collecting data from a central database, containing data from all stores


  • Implementation of ProTime for Time & Attendance functionality
  • Implementation of ProManagement for rostering
  • Implementation of ProReport II for reporting purposes
  • Set up of LAN-Touch terminals in all shops for employee registration
  • Integration to Sage payroll system



  • Management is able to roster their employees more efficiently
  • The administrative costs have been reduced
  • Central management can get a full overview of employee absence and costs all over the organisation

Primary results

  • Smyths now has a more streamlined process for the collection of time and attendance data
  • The wages process has improved dramatically with less time being spent processing the data and reduced human error