Customer case study

Royal Greenland Seafood

Easier administration and rapid follow-up on operations at Royal Greenland

For a number of years Royal Greenland had been using an old electronic time recording and data collection system at its factories in Denmark and Greenland. As the company wished a more advanced Windows-based system, it was decided to acquire ProMark – the latest generation software from Mark Information.

ProMark was first implemented at the factory in Ålborg and is operating faultlessly. Then the company initiated the project aimed at extending the system to the factories in Glyngøre. The managers of the project at Royal Greenland are operating supervisor Brian Jespersen and project manager of time recording and IT officer Karl Andersen.

Many professional groups working at three factories

Royal Greenland in Glyngøre consists of three factories:

  • The Prawn Factory
  • The Smokehouse
  • The Fish Filleting Factory

Work processes involve much manual processing in wet and at times a foul smelling and smoky environment. Therefore the company chose ProMark standard plastic terminals, which are well suited to such environments and can withstand the necessary cleaning.

The three factories at Glyngøre employ 350 hourly paid workers who clock in and out. The staff at Royal Greenland is characterised by the diversity of the professional groups employed, and thus there are a large number of trade union agreements, including some which are extremely complex with many special rules.

Royal Greenland Seafood

"Job registrations are performed online which saves a lot of time and administration work, and allows production times to be followed up on more quickly."

Brian Jespersen
Operating Supervisor, Royal Greenland Seafood

Major challenges in complex collective agreements

The project took just under nine months with milestones such as the start-up meeting, training of payroll clerks and foremen, configuration of the system, start-up with registration at terminals, test runs of wage periods, and finally, integration with SAP for production orders and feedback in operation along with the first real payroll run.

At times, the project at Glyngøre was something of a challenge, says the ProMark consultant: “It was exciting work to get all the various set-ups in place – we had to explore the outermost corners of ProMark, and the system proved it could deal with the many different rules.”

Royal Greenland has expressed great satisfaction with the ProMark consultant. “He has been the driving force in the project and he has ensured that we did what we had to in time,” says Brian Jespersen.

“In general, you could says that the timetable for the project was tight, as setting up our many and complex day profiles was extremely complex. When it comes to resources we are a small department, and it was difficult to make do without these key employees in day-to-day operations.”

Perceptions of success

Royal Greenland has experienced many successes with ProMark:

  • Payroll staff have had a considerable load taken off their shoulders through moving responsibility for approvals out to the foremen
  • The large amount of job registrations which were previously done by hand, are now performed online. This saves a lot of time and administration work, and allows production times to be followed up on more quickly
  • Integration to the SAP in the factory at Ålborg has provided excellent validation of production data. Feedback from ProMark is used for management reporting and for validating the standard times in SAP

Moreover, the executive management has given its full backing to the project although it has required quite some upheaval, and this is extremely important in this type of project.

Royal Greenland havde store udfordringer i komplekse overenskomster

Strong management tool for foremen

Planning of employees’ working hours which allows for any absences from work and wishes for time off requires a broad perspective.

“We are using ProManagement for work rostering. It is the foremen’s tool so day-to-day staff management can be assigned to them. In addition, we follow up on absence through illness in ProReport, and prepare statistics of all kinds which assist us in the management of our company,” says Brian Jespersen.

About Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland is a leading company within the catching, processing, production and distribution of seafood products throughout the world.

As the world’s largest supplier of cold water prawn, Royal Greenland has great experience of product development, optimised production and efficient distribution of quality products within this area. This same experience has been applied to expanding the suite of products to comprise total solutions within the area of seafood and related products for the retail trade and the catering industry.

The company was the outcome of events around 1774 when the arctic colony of Greenland was taken over by Denmark. The Danish state then founded “Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel” – or the Royal Greenland Trading Company - which developed into a large company operating in the area of the commercial exploitation and distribution of fish products.

In 1990, Royal Greenland was established as a limited company owned by the people of Greenland.

Today it is a modern, dynamic company employing about 2,500 people spread around the world in factories and trawlers in Greenland, Denmark and Germany with sales offices in Germany, the USA, England, France, Italy and Japan.

Royal Greenland har haft en række succesoplevelser med ProMark