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Nordic Plastics Group

Building bridges between employee work time and production numbers

Nordic Plastics Group was established in the spring 2012 but is i company with decades of experience. Nordic Plastics Group is the result of a merger between three plastics companies: STI Industriplast, Molybon Industriplast and Andrén & Sons – having skills, knowledge and history dating back to the 30’es.

The group has approximately 175 employees and are located in Trelleborg, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Nordic Plastics Group is owned by Söderbergföretagen which was founded in 1995 and is an industrial group of strong subsuppliers in industrial plastics and plate.

Nordic Plastics Group

"It was a very successful project that stayed within the frameworks we set for time and costs, but which above all enabled Nordic Plastics Group to achieve its high targets. This is important for us considering the fierce competition we are exposed to."

Anders Henriksson,
IT & Quality Manager, Nordic Plastics Group

Nordic Plastics Group: "Den totale investering tilbagebetalte sig på 6 måneder."

the challenge

  • Inadequate on-time delivery performance
  • Unsatisfactory productivity
  • Lack of commitment among production staff
  • Poor prediction and tracking of production costs

success criteria

  • Reach 97% on-time delivery performance
  • Increase productivity by 5%
  • Estimate and track production costs accurately




  • Staffing deviations identified in real-time
  • Actual production times available in real-time
  • Increased awareness and commitment among production staff
  • Increased awareness of reasons for stop-time in production

Primary results

  • On-time delivery increased by 2% (to a secure 97%)
  • Number of late orders reduced by 50%
  • Productivity increased by 5% due to planning in real-time
  • More precise estimation of production costs – 50% improvement
  • Payroll processing reduced from 7 days to 1 day per month