Customer case study

MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions powered up the piles of paper

When you manufacture engines as large as two-story houses, precision at every stage is crucial to supplying reliable engines within the agreed budget and to the agreed deadline.

ProMark collects production data that enables MAN Energy Solutions to control production down to the smallest detail. Moreover, its use has resulted in enormous efficiency gains, replacing two-foot high piles of paper records.

The 2,700 employees at MAN Energy Solutions Denmark design, construct and maintain engines and machinery. Precision in all tasks from project design to production planning is crucial to success in the market.

Broad control and integration

"We enjoy broad control along with a detailed insight thanks to smooth integration between SAP and ProMark. For example, we can draw on order accounts so works managers and production planners can see time consumed by each operation. We can also see if we are following the plan and can alter it if there are changes," says Senior Systems Consultant, Flemming Sørensen, at MAN Energy Solutions.

Senior System Consultant Flemming Sørensen, MAN Energy Solutions

"We enjoy broad control along with a detailed insight thanks to smooth integration between SAP and ProMark."

Flemming Sørensen
Senior System Consultant, MAN Energy Solutions

ProMark and SAP

ProMark squeezes the very last drops from the SAP system out on to the production floor. ProMark acts as a "black box", which receives and delivers data to SAP. This means that the impact of ProMark can be seen in SAP and the payroll system. Moreover the information is also mirrored in ProMark, giving managers, for example, an updated overview in ProMark. "We record employee time consumption associated with factory floor work processes in ProMark. All materials are accompanied by barcode slips which are scanned by employees when starting work on them. Once they have finished, they sign off and all the information is stored in ProMark and sent to the SAP system," says Flemming Sørensen.

ProMark has been set up so that all employees must be associated with a particular task when they are working, thus constantly ensuring that they are registered for the tasks they are performing from the time they report to work until the time they go home.

MAN Energy Solutions powered up the piles of paper

Enormous efficiency enhancements

All "clocking on and off" records are also contained by ProMark. More than 2700 hourly paid fitters and salaried employees manage their time consumption with ProMark. They clock on and off so the HR department can compile salaries and wages without errors or problems.

"Previously, employees recorded their hours themselves, which were then sent to managers for approval. Records were then sent up to payroll administration, where they were entered in the system and approved again. With so many manual processes, work just piled up in great mounds of paper," Flemming Sørensen tells us and goes on to say, "Today everything is automatic. When new employees are set up in the SAP HR module, they are also set up in ProMark. ProMark is integrated with SAP HR, SAP Order Accounts, SAP Production Planning and Lessor Payroll. All integration works impeccably, errors are reduced to a minimum and we have gained a number of rationalisation benefits.

MAN Energy Solutions uses ProMark at all five Danish locations, each of which is extremely different, ranging from the office environment to the foundry. The ProMark terminal is mounted in a strong cabinet, which keeps out grime and metal dust particles etc., which are particularly prevalent in the foundry. "The system is extremely user-friendly. Most of it is self evident, and one can constantly monitor entries made on the display. This also means that data is correct. We can rely on the information in the system, because all entries are consistent and uniform. Thus now our analyses are much more valuable. Today our tools have a universal overview," says Flemming Sørensen.

The future is on-line

MAN Energy Solutions has been collaborating with Mark Information for more than 10 years. "The ProMark consultants understand our situation and because they listen to what we say, our collaboration has worked very well for so many years. Gradually we have become more independent and only need help where extremely complex problems are concerned," Flemming Sørensen explains and adds, "We are constantly working on expanding our use of ProMark. Our next wish is that those of our employees who travel around the world servicing our engines should be able to record off-line and transfer the information when they are on-line. Everyone at MAN Energy Solutions is used to using ProMark and greatly appreciates it – and therefore our travelling employees should have they same opportunities."