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Lantmännen Maskin

Efficient, simple and profitable service order management

Lantmännen Maskin is a Scandinavian company based in Sweden. The company works with all kinds of agricultural machinery; new machines, used machines and spare parts. The company sells Valtra, Fendt and Claas tractors, Claas combined harvesters and a broad range of tools and haymakers. Together with their sister company Swecon, they have 70 workshops offering fast expert service in Sweden. Lantmännen Maskin's head office is in Malmö.

Lantmännen Maskin is owned by Lantmännen, which is one of the largest groups within food, energy and agriculture in Scandinavia. In 2012, Lantmännen Maskin had 735 employees and net sales in excess of SEK 2.9 billion. Swecon had 441 employees and revenues of SEK 2.5 billion.

Lantmännen Maskin

"Outdated systems meant that it could take a long time for final reporting of orders to take place, so we got the impression that a large number of hours were not being billed. This was why we had a clear desire to reinforce reporting from our mobile service engineers – and we have largely been successful in this. The fact that everything is now run in real time means that we have a simple, cost-effective tool for managing the company's supply of services."                    

Anders Segervall,
IT Service market, Lantmännen Maskin

Lantmännen Maskin AB

the challenge

  • Long lead time from completion of work to billing
  • Negative difference between billed time and work completed
  • Extensive and manual administration in connection with time reporting and payroll
  • Non-optimised planning of staff and tasks

success criteria

  • A solution shared by the entire organisation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Short lead time from reporting (mobile) to billing
  • Integration with M3
  • Simple, intuitive reporting interface
  • Planning at individual level


  • ProTime for time reporting
  • ProJob for service orders
  • ProMobile for mobile data recording
  • ProReport for reporting
  • ProHost for integration with M3 and HR-plus
  • Staff roster planning in the next step


  • Efficient real-time reporting using mobile devices for all 350 service engineers
  • Streamlined service order management for all 70 workshops
  • Individualised staff planning
  • Efficient pay generation via a shared service centre

Primary results

  • Fast, efficient feedback on the company's servicing commitments
  • Correct and fast billing of servicing commitments, so allowing an increase in the billing rate equivalent to 4.5%
  • Reduced use of resources in the pay management process