Customer case study


Self-service provides flexible planning and increased agility

Hartmann is one of the world's leading manufacturers of moulded-fibre packaging produced on the basis of recycled materials, such as old newspapers and magazines. The main product is egg trays, but the company also produces packaging for fruit, electronic products and household equipment. 

At the Danish factory in Tønder, the machines in Production and Printing – which produce various types of sales promotion print solutions – operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The machines are operated by the company's 300 production workers who are split between 5 shift teams, all of whom work 3 shifts.

ProMark og MS D365FO skaber værdi hos Bankdata

"For a production company like ours, it is important to always be able to adapt our production to the demand. That requires a flexible IT solution which is what we have with ProRoster and the mobile solution"

Jan Andreasen, IT Project Manager

Produktion hos Brødrene Hartmann

The challenge

  • The employees’ work schedules are available on the intranet and in paper format
  • Vacant/extra shifts are managed via notes in the operations office or telephone calls
  • Control of compliance with rest period rules is up to the individual employee/manager
  • Shift swapping is often agreed verbally between the employees – and so is information to the manager

Project scope and success criteria

  • Optimisation of the planning task for the 300 productions workers who have a rolling duty roster which is planned for a year at a time
  • Better handling of deviations which increase or reduce the need for manpower, e.g. sickness absence or increase in production
  • Desire for increased use of mobile phones and more self-service options for the employees

Key modules

  • Time & Attendance and absence registration (ProTime)
  • Staff roster planning (ProRoster)
  • Self-service and registration via mobile and portal (ProMobile and ProPortal)
  • Job and project registration (ProJob and ProJect)
  • Web portal for manager overview, approvals and absence-KPI
  • Integration to payroll and ERP systems (ProHost)
  • Reporting (ProReport)


  • Employees have easy access to see own work schedule and their own balances for holiday and flexitime on their mobile phone
  • Available shifts and shift sale/swapping are managed via the mobile app
  • Better compliance with rest period rules as employees can only see the shifts that they can legally take over
  • Better overview of who has any given shift

Primary results

  • Saved administrative time (approx. 0.5-1 hour a day)
  • Better overview enables faster replanning in case of deviations
  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • More efficient production