Customer case study

GF Forsikring

GF Forsikring digitalises the collective agreement

GF Forsikring is a customer-owned insurance company based on reciprocity, local anchorage and profit-sharing.

GF Forsikring’s main activity is private non-life insurance. The company aims broadly at all private customers in Denmark with offers to cover the common family’s insurance needs. Since June 2017, GF Forsikring also offers insurance to small businesses.

GF Forsikring was founded in 1967 and has since then shared a profit of almost 3 billion Danish kroner with the customers. The company has currently more than 600 employees in offices across Denmark.

GF Forsikring

”A successful implementation – on time, on budget and on scope
– ensured that ProMark was well received in GF Forsikring”.                                   

Keld Gryholm
HR Director, GF Forsikring

GF Forsikring digitizes the collective agreement

the challenge

  • Too many manual tasks in the time registration and payroll processes 
  • Not possible to manage local agreements, including Timebank
  • High dependence on key personnel who can manage the payroll preparation

success criteria

  • The solution covers 600 registrants at approx. 40 offices in Denmark
  • Configuration of the collective agreement covering the finance sector in Denmark
  • Setup of web portal providing management overview
  • Future-proof system with great opportunities for development


ProMark 365 Cloud Individual with:

  • Time & attendance and absence registration (ProTime)
  • ProPortal 
  • Absence-KPI as well as attendance and absence analysis (ProAbs)
  • Automatic email notifications  (ProNotify)
  • Integration to Lessor payroll system and Microsoft Outlook


  • Flexible system that supports local agreements and account/balance (Timebank)
  • Modern user interface, including the opportunity for a mobile solution
  • High operational safety and predictable costs in the IT budget


Primary results

  • User-friendly administration of time registration and payroll processes
  • Complete overview of employee availability and absence
  • Improved service towards GF Forsikring’s customers