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Exclusive Hotels and Venues

Biometric identification of employees creates confidence

Exclusive Hotels and Venues started over 30 years ago and is now a collection of luxury country house hotels in the south of England.

The brand has developed and expanded over the years and now includes Exclusive Golf, exceptional golf clubs in Sussex and Wiltshire and the two Venues, quirky training and events properties.

The most recent venture is EHM - Exclusive Hotel Management, a dedicated contract management and consultancy arm specialising in the luxury UK hotel market.

Exclusive Hotels and Venues

”ProMark has streamlined our time and attendance process and has contributed to a more effective wages process.”

Julian Tomlin
Exclusive Hotels and Venues

Exclusive Hotels and Venues

the challenge

  • To capture employee’s working time correctly
  • To create an easy overview for managers
  • To establish unique identification of employees
  • To simplify T & A processes for employees and HR & Payroll

success criteria

  • Configuration of Payroll schemes
  • Setup of terminals with biometric identification at 4 sites
  • Setup of Portal to provide a management view
  • Integration to Payroll






  • Employees identified without possibility of cheating
  • Correct collection of working times
  • Lean T & A processes leaving time for more value generating activities
  • Correct remuneration via integration to Payroll

Primary results

  • By using the biometric identification risk of buddy-clocking is avoided and loss of identification cards are eliminated
  • The administrative costs have been reduced
  • Managers have obtained a full overview of employee absence and availability