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Dansac A/S successfully implements ProMark

Dansac A/S has implemented ProMark for 190 hourly-paid workers in just over two months. The Dansac project must be considered a model project regarding the selection and implementation of an IT system. The keywords in the project were preparation, involvement, management, and follow-up. Because implementation took only two months, as agreed, focus could be maintained throughout the process.

The basis for the success was excellent preparation

When the payroll administration realised that it was necessary to replace the old time and attendance system, they began to consider their demands for a new system. Over a period of time during the autumn of 2001 all the problems that they wanted the new system to be able to handle were noted.

Involving the users

From the outset, involving the users was paramount. A project group was appointed, all types of users were represented: Hourly-paid workers, management, caretaker, the IT department, and the payroll administration. All had the opportunity of pointing out which individual needs the new system should cater for. Peter Grandjean from the IT department, who was the project manager on the ProMark project, says that: "It was important to us that everyone accepted the new time and attendance and data collection system, so that everyone felt that they gained something from it. The IT department's role was to ensure that the technological solution matched our technical equipment and other systems. One of our demands was, among other things, that the terminals were able to function in a wireless network. This is possible with the Mark terminals."

Projektet hos Dansac må betragtes som et mønsterprojekt

"It is clearly an advantage that the administration of employee data for both time and attendance and access control are combined in ProMark.
This eases administration as compared to acquiring yet another system to be maintained."

Peter Grandjean
Project Manager, IT department at Dansac

A devoted project group

Devoted to carrying out the project in the time agreed upon, the project group was the reason that the entire ProMark project, carried out in just over two months and without additional expenses, concluded successfully. "Hard work was required throughout the entire project period and other things had to be set aside in order that we stayed on track," says Lone Madsen, the driving force of the project together with her colleague wage clerk Peter Lauesen. The many profiles and calculation rules were tested regularly during the process to ensure that everything worked prior to the pilot phase

A successful pilot project

Before ProMark was introduced business-wide, a pilot project was carried out with representatives from all production centres. The pilot project extended through one payroll period in order to test whether or not the ProMark template was correct, and whether or not the payroll calculated properly. "On the whole, no problems were experienced in the pilot phase", says Lone Madsen "We only had to make very few adjustments in the template before we were ready to introduce it."

Information ensured a problem free introduction

ProMark was ready to be introduced on 1st May 2002 to 190 hourly-paid workers at the Fredensborg factory. An information meeting for all employees was held prior to the introduction, explaining how the system worked and the advantages it would give the employees compared to the old system.

"During the first days after ProMark was introduced and regardless of it being day, evening, or night shift, a representative from the project group was present to assist the employees when they reported to or left work", says Lone Madsen and continues:
"In this way, we were able to help those who were unsure of what to do and answer questions from the employees. This was well received and took the edge off of any dissatisfaction which can easily arise when introducing something new."

Access control also became a part of the ProMark project

Several systems were evaluated before it was decided to expand the ProMark installation to include access control. Peter Grandjean explains: 'It is clearly an advantage that the administration of employee data for both time and attendance and access control are combined in ProMark. This eases administration as compared to acquiring yet another system to be maintained.'

Contrary to time and attendance, all 300 Dansac employees use access control.

Company facts

Dansac A/S is an international company, developing and producing aids and appliances for the healthcare sector. The primary business area is products for people that have been operated for ostomy.

Dansac A/S in Denmark has 300 employees, including 190 hourly-paid workers. In 2001, Dansac's turnover was more than 300 million DKK, of which more than 90% was sales to the export markets.

Dansac is a part of Hollister Inc., one of the world's largest concerns within the area of aids and appliances for the healthcare sector. Hollister is represented in most countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Dansac A/S implementerede ProMark for 190 timelønnede på godt 2 måneder.