Customer case study

Carlsberg Danmark

ProMark unlocks the productivity taps at Carlsberg

Founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847, Carlsberg Danmark is part of the Carlsberg Group, the world’s third largest brewery group.

Today, Carlsberg employs 1,500 people in Denmark who produce and supply Carlsberg, Tuborg and Coca-Cola products. The products are sold in more than 150 countries and the group sells approx. 114 million bottles of beer – every day!

Carlsberg Danmark has used ProMark since 1997. In 2005, Carlsberg initiated a thorough upgrade of the solution which – at the same time –  was expanded to include the entire logistics and supply chain area too.

Productivity optimisation at Carlsberg

”The close integration to SAP HR clearly strengthens our basis for optimisation and decision-making. The better we are at scheduling our staff correctly, the better we produce. We must keep the operation under tight control and constantly ensure that our production equipment is utilised optimally. Here, ProMark is a valuable tool.”                                  

Lasse Geelmuyden
Payroll Manager, Carlsberg Danmark

Optimisation of the logistics area at Carlsberg

the challenge

  • Decreasing beer sales and greater competition from new producers
  • Risk of wrong decisions due to insufficient data 
  • Lack of tools to automate and structure processes
  • Very time-consuming administration of various agreements and local agreements

success criteria

  • More precise remuneration, staffing and management reporting with less administrative work
  • Efficiency must be increased through faster and simpler processes
  • Automatic management of agreements and local agreements
  • Better utilization of employee resources
  • Flexible production planning
  • Return on investment (ROI) in less than 1½ years


  • Resource optimisation and productivity enhancements through implementation of ProMark for T&A registration (working hours and absence), staff roster planning and management reporting / BI
  • Follow-up on absence and overtime
  • Notifications to managers regarding approval of deviations
  • Close integration with SAP


  • Significant reduction in time spent on payroll handling
  • Correct calculation of salary due to precise data
  • Fast and flexible staff roster and production planning
  • Overview and effective follow-up on absence


Primary results

  • Clear and flexible planning and optimisation in relation to tasks and staff rostering
  • Correct salary without time-consuming processes and subsequent questions
  • Strengthened decision basis
  • Increased efficiency and productivity due to overview