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Alliance Healthcare

Delivering to a high standard

For Alliance Healthcare, ProMark means that they can easily identify what costs are in a service centre within a certain time period and print off detailed cost reports instantly.

Formed as a cooperative in the 1930's, Alliance Healthcare is the leading distributor and wholesaler of pharmaceutical, medical and health and beauty products in the UK. It supplies a network of 2,000 Boots pharmacies and 15,000 independent dispensing points.

Alliance Healthcare offers a high level of service, with twice daily deliveries from a network of 11 service centres across the UK and a workforce of approximately 3,900 employees.

Since the year 2000, Alliance Healthcare has continued its expansion throughout Europe and now operates in 15 countries with an annual turnover of £2.5 billion.

Alliance Healthcare - levering af høj standard

"The new system means that we can easily identify what costs were in a service centre within a certain time period and print off detailed cost reports instantly.”

Gordon Cox
 Regional Director for the North, Alliance Healthcare

Time to replace the old system

The system previously used by Alliance Healthcare was outdated and laborious. It was very difficult to access data when needed and this was having repercussions on workforce management and the business in general. Faced with an aging time-and-attendance management process that could no longer fulfil its business needs, Alliance Healthcare put out a call for bids to replace the antiquated software.

In a low margin operating environment, it is important that any system brought in could provide quick and accurate access to key data. After liaising with a number of different providers, ProMark from Mark Information was selected and taken on board in October 2003.

Alliance Healthcare chose ProMark for a number of reasons, not just because it answered their immediate needs in terms of payroll and time management and was available at the right price. Alliance Healthcare were also looking to the future and recognised the potential return on investment that other ProMark products could provide.

"Although we aren't using ProJob yet, we can definitely see the opportunity that being able to drilldown to hour by activity would bring us and it's something we are considering for the future" says Gordon Cox, Regional Director for the North.

Gordon Cox, Alliance Healthcare

Smooth integration and solid performance

Initially mirroring the legacy system in one Service Centre in October 2003, the ProMark integration team delivered the fully operational software across the business within the 6 month time period, with all Alliance Healthcare staff being paid through ProMark in May 2004.

Since deployment, the software has allowed management to have a far more accurate picture of service centre costs. ProMark reduces administration, registration and approval time, minimising manual data entry of employee time and attendance, and has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Reliability and accuracy of business data is critical to Alliance Healthcare's long term success. With a large payroll and tight margins, management need to be confident that they can trust the data they have and access that information as required.

"The new system means that we can easily identify what costs were in a service centre within a certain time period and print off detailed cost reports instantly," states Gordon Cox.

Supporting business success

Customer service is a crucial part of Mark Information's offering. Alliance Healthcare's dedicated account manager and the support team at Mark Information are always available to solve problems or suggest new ways of using the system.

Mark Information has a range of products that offer a powerful solution for data collection, time and attendance, rostering and shop floor control. These features are indispensable to businesses looking to thrive in challenging economic conditions.  ProMark links the tools of modern management with the real world and provides customers with a solid foundation for fact-based decision-making. It allows fast and easy retrieval of data and reduces costs by providing up to date figures on request.

"Our previous system was very time consuming, whereas ProMark is a much more user-friendly technology, and I can have a report in a minute. We were very pleased with how well the installation went and the smooth transfer of knowledge between the service centres" concludes Claire Freeman, T&A System Administrator for the Southern Region.

Alliance Healthcare