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Today, costs are helping force up the cost of production activities. Complex products require cost-effective production methods and effective purchasing and logistics solutions – of that there is no doubt about. Therefore, it is of interest to companies to implement new software solutions, as this is where the really exciting options lie due to the opportunities offered by modern IT. The technology increases the requirements, but also creates major opportunities and opens up for new markets and customer groups.

Mark Information's Workforce Management solution ProMark helps you to keep your processes under control. ProMark works in real time, and therefore gives a sound and fact-based decision-making basis which enables rapid reaction to changes in demand or in capacity. Because of this you are able to react to deviations in the production plan, such as machinery problems, delayed deliveries or illness, or critical factors for a production company. With ProMark, plans can be immediately adjusted for the optimum and flexible utilisation of manpower, machinery and materials.

The advantages of ProMark

Working in real time Plans can be immediately adjusted for the optimum and flexible utilisation of manpower, machinery and materials – all in real time.
Provides a detailed overview ProMark provides a sound and fact-based decision-making basis, which represent a complete overview of the production processes. For example, unused raw materials can be confirmed compared with a defined product index.
Improves quality ProMark provides quickly useable quality data in real time which ensures one can constantly improve one’s processes and reduce wastage, noncompliance and faults.
Ensures efficient control and reduces tied up capital ProMark’s precise information about the use of machinery and equipment allows one to optimise the company’s production facilities. This allows capital to be freed-up in the production process, which in turn increases competitiveness.
Creates increased productivity ProMark provides options for analysing real-time data to enable the precise measurement of productivity and savings. Subsequently it is easy to see where productivity can be increased.
Minimises administrative costs, manual processes and faults ProMark’s real time registrations and online validation ensures there are no keying in errors and reduces manual processes.
Provides rapid returns ProMark has an average implementation time of only 90 days. This ensures a quick return on your investment.
Is user-friendly ProMark stands out for being easy to set up and user-friendly in every day operation, but with advance application options.



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