Leave management and support of terminals to us

HardwareService - Leave management and support of terminals to usAs a company, you depend on your IT equipment functioning at all times. Therefore, we now offer a HardwareService agreement covering rent, operation, monitoring and repair of terminals and readers for ProMark.

In other words, we offer you Hardware as a Service.

Hardware as a Service

With our HardwareService you avoid investing in new terminals. In addition, you avoid the hassle of monitoring and keeping your terminals up and running.

We will monitor the equipment via remote access and can manage most challenges this way. Should problems arise with your terminals, we will make sure that the terminals come into operation again. The HardwareService agreement therefore implies giving us permanent access to your ProMark installation to be able to access terminals and the ProMark server online.


A HardwareService agreement provides you with a number of benefits:

  • No initial investment in new terminals
  • Fixed operating costs so you avoid unforeseen costs for repairs and spare parts
  • Saved time for monitoring and support of terminals and readers
  • Fast remedial action in case of critical failure and access to spare parts
  • Increased reliability in the daily operation

With our HardwareService agreement you can optimise your company’s investment in ProMark.