ProMark support and maintenance

Customer Care – the customer’s daily contact centre

Customer Care - professional hotline and supportCustomer Care is the daily contact centre that takes care of customer enquiries from our customer portal, on the telephone or via email and provides professional support to our customers in case of challenges with the set-up and operation of ProMark.

Rapid problem identification and resolution in focus

Customer Care prioritises rapid problem identification and resolution.

We therefore categorise – in consultation with the customer – the reported incident according to predefined service levels that reflect how business-critical a quick solution is and how strongly the customer is affected.

Solutions are offered either by guidance in the use or via change to the settings in ProMark – or in some cases by programming hotfixes to fix critical bugs, before it is included in a new official software version that contains the solution to the problem.

Maximum benefit from your ProMark solution

Customer Care and the customer's maintenance agreement help you reap all the benefits of the investment in ProMark:

  • Support when you need it - primarily during normal business hours on weekdays, but also at night, on weekends and holidays if necessary (special rate)
  • Remote assistance, where we have access to the customer's system and can quickly solve problems while the customer monitors our actions
  • Competent consultants with in-depth knowledge of ProMark and a high degree of professionalism
  • Favourable price on consulting services such as training and upgrading

It is also possible to purchase an extended Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides faster response times for identification of problems in ProMark (e.g. in connection with running the payroll).

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