Customer support

Support that increases the value of ProMark and eases the daily operation

Most companies typically rely on few key people in the IT and HR departments to handle the ongoing operation, setup and maintenance of ProMark. This not only means that the company is very vulnerable, but also that employees must keep their knowledge of ProMark up to date on an ongoing basis. Therefore, we offer several services that contribute to ensuring the greatest possible benefit of your ProMark installation and ease the daily operation for you.

Learn more about our services:

  • Customer Care: The daily contact centre that takes care of enquiries from our customers
  • Consultancy: Sparring related to optimisation and modernisation of ProMark and help with more advanced tasks and changes to the solution
  • SuperuserService: Let us handle the daily superuser/administrator tasks in ProMark
  • HardwareService: Rent your terminals and readers and get complete service on the equipment