About us

Leading vendor of Workforce Management solutions helping businesses to increase productivity and generate savings

Hovedkontoret på Maglebjergvej, Kgs. Lyngby Mark Information is a leading Nordic vendor of Workforce Management systems for time & attendance, absence and task management as well as staff rostering and shift scheduling. On this website you will find information on what we offer and which advantages a number of customers in different industries have achieved using ProMark.

Our Workforce Management solution ProMark helps companies optimise productivity and generate savings through intelligent scheduling of resources. Simultaneously, ProMark ensures that employees are remunerated correctly and in the most efficient manner.

With ProMark, companies obtain information on their use of time and resources in real-time. And through integration to ERP and payroll systems valuable data becomes available when it is needed. Reliable information in real-time strengthens the basis for decisions and the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand or capacity and enables you to reveal operational advantages.

ProMark is built on more than 40 years of in-depth Workforce Management knowledge from some of the most complex labour market agreements in Europe. And we are constantly developing new functionality that creates maximum value for our customers. Through user conferences and customer interaction we get ideas for and requirements to new functionality, and we involve customers in product previews to ensure that what we develop is in line with their needs.

Mark Information is headquartered in Denmark with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Romania. Globally, we service more than 400 customers, 1,000 installations and more than 300,000 daily users with intuitive and user-friendly solutions primarily suited for companies and organisations with +100 employees in most industries.


  • ProMark is a complete Workforce Management suite offering broad and highly advanced Workforce Management functionality
  • Intuitive user interfaces across all devices such as web portal, mobile, PC client and terminal
  • Unique integration options to payroll, HR, and ERP systems
  • Modern cloud offerings with hosting via public, private, and hybrid cloud or on-premise
  • ProMark offers a strong combination of attendance and absence data linked with task registrations for the same employees


  • Mark Information has a well-proven track record among Nordic businesses making ProMark a safe choice for our customers
  • Validation of the business case value for the customers ensures decision rationale
  • End-to-end project management with domain experience minimises implementation risk
  • Customer Care, extended services and account management ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • A standard platform updated several times a year with customer-driven development and strong integration to all ERP, HR & payroll platforms ensure modern technology matching customers’ IT landscape